Are you experiencing a food intolerance or sensitivity? 

Maybe you are having symptoms of a heavy metal toxicity? 

Do you need a food intolerance test? 

If you are suffering from heart burn? digestive troubles? skin irritations? fatigue? Maybe you have given up gluten or dairy and still not quite feeling yourself? Maybe you are doing EVERYTHING right but are still having trouble losing weight? This is the test for you! 

Why Hair? 

  • Noninvasive. Hair testing is noninvasive so it's easy on kids and adults. It also doesn't require any special handling. 
  • Cost efficient. Hair testing is roughly 1/4 of the cost of other tests.
  • Accurate. Unlike blood analysis where the results can be affected by your last meal, stress or other factors, hair testing is not affected by these things and can therefore store information for longer periods of time. We then use this information for testing and are able to give you a broad picture of your intolerances.

About Your Holistic Wellness Practitioner Audrey Christie, MSN, RN, CCMA, EM, CFMP

Audrey Christie is a holistic wellness practitioner that helps to empower her clients to wellness by finding and repairing the root cause of her clients issue.  

Her richly developed background and training includes Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Certified Clinical Master of Aromatherapy, Functional Medicine, Energy Medicine, Yoga Teacher, training in Homeopathics and Epigenetics as well as Master of Science of Nursing level education.  

“I blend western + eastern, ancient + modern, physical + energetic + scientific healing sciences to help people have profound and permanent changes in their physical, emotional, and energetic wellness,” Audrey says. “So many people have no idea what its like to feel GOOD, I love digging deep and finding the route cause of someones dis-ease and helping them to move into the experience of total wellness.” Audrey says.

Step 1 Place your order for the test and follow up consultation by clicking the "Order My..." button.  

Step 2 If you are local, schedule your hair collection in office OR print your form and mail your hair sample. 

Step 3 Once we recieve your hair sample, you will recieve a link to schedule your choice of virtual or in-office appointment. 

Step 4 Follow the plan we put together as a team, and retest in about 6 months for improvements.