Awaken energies that bring resilience, joy, and enthusiasm to your life - and greater vitality to your body, mind, and spirit. 

During this 30-60 minute appointment, Audrey will test your meridians, energy centers, and chakras and work to reconnect and strengthen any weakened or disrupted patterns to restore flow to the bodies energy systems. You will learn self-care techniques to continue these techniques to maintain the balance after the appointment. 

While Energy Work doesn't diagnose or cure disease or illness, using an energy tracking technique, Audrey will assess 9+ energy centers and determine any energetic patterns or disharmony. Restoring the energy balance of the body helps to enhance other optimal health and wellness practices. 

Your appointment is as unique as your DNA and may include a number of energetic healing modalities including reiki, energy medicine, crystals, and other energetic therapies. 

About Audrey Christie, MSN, RN, CCMA, EM, CFMP

Audrey Christie is a holistic wellness practitioner that helps to empower her clients to wellness by finding and repairing the root cause of her clients issue.  

Her richly developed background and training includes Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Certified Clinical Master of Aromatherapy, Functional Medicine, Energy Medicine, Yoga Teacher, training in Homeopathics and Epigenetics as well as Master of Science of Nursing level education.  

“I blend western + eastern, ancient + modern, physical + energetic + scientific healing sciences to help people have profound and permanent changes in their physical, emotional, and energetic wellness,” Audrey says. “So many people have no idea what its like to feel GOOD, I love digging deep and finding the route cause of someones dis-ease and helping them to move into the experience of total wellness.” Audrey says.

You have no idea just how good your body can feel.

- Audrey Christie, MSN, RN -

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