We could all use some help + accountability, right? 

Who has time to get to the gym, meal plan, research exactly what you need, and find the answers to your weight loss and wellness issues?

This monthly subscription gives you the support, encouragement, accountability, and community you need to be successful in your wellness pursuits (whether you are losing weight or helping your body heal from chronic illness).  

Join the Wholebeing Accountability Buddy Program*

Save time, money, and your sanity with these benefits:

-Expertise at your fingertips for your wellness goals, challenges, and milestone -Save time and money at the grocery store and in the kitchen with meals fully customized for you and your family (yes - kid friendly wellness works!) -Keep stress and anxiety away with weekly simple stress management techniques -Avoid over-crowded gyms and traffic with simple fitness you can do anywhere -Stay on track with check-ins each week -Expand your accontability circle with our private Facebook community

*does require and initial consult appointment either virtually or in-person. 

It's like having a wellness coach, personal trainer, nutrition expert, meal planning, and money saving assistant all in one, for less than a gym membership!

Lock in $47/mo now! 

Lock in $397/year now! 

Get the helping hand, support, encouragement, accountability you need to stay on track in your wellness.

Includes each week:  

  • Unlimited questions via email/text for help from Audrey
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZED weekly meal plans with grocery lists
  • Energy wellness + energetic hygiene + stress reduction techniques
  • Fitness routine you can do anywhere (custom-no gym required)
  • Monthly check-in call with Audrey (15 min) + office-hours access
  • Private Facebook Community 
  • App coming soon! 

Meet Audrey 

Audrey has been a Holistic Wellness Practitioner for over 13 years, and has also earned numerous certifications in nursing, nutrition, functional medicine, wellness, fitness, meditation, physical and energetic sciences. 

Audrey McLaughlin, MSN, RN

Join to get the support and guidance you need!