Join me for Virtual Yoga Bootcamp Yoga for Weightloss 

Yoga Boot Camp is a combination of yoga + HIIT training + the fuel your body needs to express its healthiest form. Join us for 6 weeks too learn the optimal fuel for your body and gentle fitness that will help your body cleanse itself, build strength, increase flexibility, and lose weight.  

Yoga Boot Camp is designed for the busiest in mind, short digital classes, because when you combine HIIT + YOGA you get more done in less time while maintaining that body awareness and mindfulness.

Yoga boot camp helps you lose weight, increase lean mass, and get in touch with your body in as little as 4 minutes a day. Here is what's included:  

  • Library of digital Yoga HIIT training videos to use anywhere (no equipment required)
  • 8 Body Wisdom(TM) principles 
  • 6 body-mind enhancing meditations/lessons  
  •  36+ tasty balanced meals and snacks

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